Looking for affordable baby girls’ clothes that are also stunning? Look no further! I have curated my favorite Amazon baby girl finds and they will not disappoint. #babyclothes #babygirl #babyfashion #amazonfinds #bohostyle #babyboho

Now that we live in a world where online shopping is our new norm because of the pandemic I have turned to Amazon to find things that I usually wouldn’t look for. Baby girl fashion is something that you need to search and search for because everything is pretty much sold out. Shipping in this “new normal” can take weeks, so I am now more than ever taking advantage of my Amazon Prime! It might not be the same-day delivery it used to be but two days is better than weeks. Baby girls fashion was for sure a first for me but I found some of the cutest things ever. 

Now there’s a few things to keep in mind. I looked through a lot of boutiques to find affordable pieces (because who wants to spend a ton of money on something that they will wear for a short amount of time). Another point is sizing, make sure you can get the biggest wearable window. Some boutiques sizing is different, specially if they are coming from overseas so make sure you figure out the correct sizing. Last thing, shipping. Not everything is available on Amazon Prime so take that into consideration.


I tried to curate an entire wardrobe where you can find everything that I love for Kensi. I wanted to keep it down to a few of my favourite baby girl fashion pieces but it was hard as there are so many cute thing! Wish I could have one of everything in an adult size so we could match hehe. Maybe that could be a blog post in the future, matching mom and daughter outfits on a budget. What do you think?

Click on an image below to see the description and details on Amazon.

Aren’t these just so adorable! it was hard to narrow it down but I just love them all. If you’re currently pregnant make sure to check out my ‘WHERE TO BUY THE BEST MATERNITY CLOTHES‘. These are some of my favorite brands and or shops.

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