I am not going to lie trying to find maternity clothes has been a challenge! Which it really shouldn’t because it’s not like being pregnant is a new thing. I am not sure if it has to do with being in Canada… or if there really isn’t many choices out there; looking for maternity clothes was super painful. Until I found some brands that I loved!! First and foremost, my first recommendation based on my experience is to be true to your size. My instinct was to buy a size up, however, it is not needed! Let’s jump right into it with where to buy the best maternity clothes, with tons of options.

Your ultimate guide to finding the best shops to buy maternity clothes. My top five maternity stores will get you through your mommy to be phase!



MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY is super accessible as a physical shop to all Canadians and Americans. My first purchase had to be pants! It was getting to the point where it was hurting to breath and I was so uncomfortable that I needed to get maternity pants. Seems like I bought them before most expecting moms. I bought leggings for work and I kid you not they feel like butter! So so so comfy and stylish, I bought them in every color! At the start, they would fall down a lot just because I didn’t have the belly to fill them up; wearing a tank top under my shirts helped to hold them up.



Oh my newest obsession…  Seriously in love with all that PINKBLUSH has to offer!! They have gorgeous maternity clothes and at such a good price. The exchange rate with Canada isn’t ideal but I have found that they always have some deal which helps with the exchange rate. Definitely make sure to look over the comments as the reviews are insightful for how the garment fits. I bought about ten pieces and it all fit which was amazing… and the shipping time… OMG they are fast! It came from the USA and I got it in less than a week. I must say what really captured me as a customer with all the beautiful colors and patterns they have. They have a ton of options for all you expecting mamas!



I actually found out about ISABELLA OLIVER though a friend of mine that swears by it! I have to say their dresses are to die for! They are super elegant and classic. I could seriously buy every single dress, that’s how much I love them. They are perfect for the work place as well as for everyday use. I love that they offer fitted and lose dresses which provides a lot of options. I would say the only part that limits me a bit is my height. Seeing them on my friend who is gorgeous and tall they fit her beautifully… for me they might need to be shortened a bit just because of my height. That won’t stop me though! I have a cart full of clothes and that needs to be checked out.



As a former Londoner, I couldn’t forget about ASOS! They have been my go to for years and when it came to maternity clothes they didn’t disappoint. I love how many options they have as well as their price point. I would say the only tricky part would be the sizing as they work in a UK measuring system; once you know you size you’re good to go. It is super easy to have a humongous shopping cart as they have so many nice pieces, from bathing suites, to dresses, to the cutest pj’s ever. I honestly found it hard to try and limit my spending there as I wanted it all!  As per shipping to this side of the pond it does take some time… so just be ready to patient and wait. Trust me it will be worth it!



I was surprised to find that H&M MATERNITY was a thing. I always love to shop there for all my basics and new trends; they did not disappoint with the maternity line. The selection they have for maternity clothes is amazing as well as the price point. They offer amazing nursing bras which are the cheapest that I have found so far. As well as packs for tops which are always needed! The one downside to H&M Maternity line is that it is not available in all stores. For me here in Calgary no stores offered the line so I had to buy online.


I do find it hard to justify paying a lot for maternity clothes that you will wear only for a few months… Look at options available, there are many garments that are versatile and that you could wear post baby (tops that are for breastfeeding). I tend to wear lose tops as it is, so having that as my maternity wear gives me the flexibility to wear my maternity clothes afterwards. If you want to read about how / when I found out I was pregnant you will find all the details on my ‘SURPRISE! I’M PREGNANT‘ post.

Hope you found this post insightful and if you’re loving other brands do share as I am curious of all options out there. Happy shopping mamas!

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  1. Daniela Sanchez

    Lovely post! Wish I knew of some of these brands when I was pregnant, the options were limiting!

    1. Daniela Sanchez

      I find online has the best options… store are very limiting here in Alberta.

  2. Daniela Sanchez

    Great post but Lukalula is the worst place. I never even received the item I ordered from them and when I requested a refund and cancel, they sent me emails stating that their customer service email addresses no longer existed.

    1. Daniela Sanchez

      Oh wow!! I am so sorry to hear about your experience! 🙁

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