Maria Daniela

My Lifestyle Memoir – that’s me, Daniela and welcome to my lifestyle blog!

I am a Oslo-based Instagrammer and blogger. Flower lover, white and pink space crazed, and voyager. If it was up to me I would consistently be travelling – I love learning about each city I have been to – and capturing details through my lens.

I was living in London, England for just over two years where my passion for flowers, pretty houses, and storefronts started. Exploring London really sparked my creativity. Since then, I decided to continue this passion and started a blog where I get to share my life and my experiences abroad. Above all, I am grateful for every beautiful moment and every beautiful feeling that I have experienced.

My Lifestyle Memoir is a lifestyle blog that features all aspects of my life, from experiences, to style, to food, and of, course travel. With this blog, I want to inspire, live out my creativity, and show what sparks joy in my life.

As I embark on a new chapter in my life, motherhood, I won’t hold anything back… from the happy moments, to pure honesty of how I am coping with it, and to the rare tears. In conclusion, you will get it all!

Can’t wait for you to follow along in this journey with me.


  1. I have a dog named Luna who is my darling
  2. Tacos are life and could eat them daily
  3. Coffee and wine lover to the core
  4. I love simplicity and like to live uncomplicated
  5. The pink life chose me – in other words, get used to everything being pink
  6. Would love to have unlimited funds to purchase flowers on a daily basis
  7. 100% clumsiness – sometime I am shocked that I don’t get more bruises
  8. Totally a city girl, with a mix of modern and vintage design
  9. I am half Venezuelan and half Colombian and have grown up in Canada
  10. I have lived in 4 different countries