Well hello there! I know that it has been a little while since my last post; life has been busy, boy do I have a lot to tell you! If you aren’t following me on Instagram (which you should haha) you will know that a few weeks ago I made a big announcement… a baby reveal! Yes, you read that correct… baby reveal! I’m now expecting my first baby!!!

SURPRISE! I'M PREGNANT - BABY REVEAL - #BabyReveal #GenderReveal #BabyNews



It honestly has been a roller coaster of emotions since I found out I was expecting. I have gone from a shocked stage… to wondering… Am I really ready to take care of another human being…? To just full on excitement! I don’t think anyone is ever really ready for the day that you find out you’re pregnant.

The day that it all happened it was a surreal moment… Leading up to the day I was having symptoms as if I was getting my period so I didn’t think much of it. Then I got it… but then it stopped which I found strange. That is when I knew something was off. That morning I took a few tests (those cheap test strips that only show you lines) and all were coming up with two lines. Which means positive… but that wasn’t enough for me haha. I needed a test that said yes or no. So after work I bought one and took it. I was honestly so scared to look at it… so I waited for my hubby to return from walking our pup and we all looked at it together. Holding my pup in fear haha… or was it excitement… I think overall I was just more scared than anything. When I saw the YES I just busted into tears… more so because it was real.


This hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy. The morning sickness has been BRUTAL!! The first few weeks I felt like death!! It was all day sickness… everything was making me want to puke and energy levels were at an all-time low. After finally seeing the doctor she put me on some medications that help with the nausea and those were a life saver! I am over five months now and I am still on the meds. I tried to get off them a few weeks ago and it was a disaster, I have now come to peace that I will most likely be on them for the rest of the pregnancy. Food hasn’t always been my friend… I have gotten better but greasy foods don’t sit well with me. Which is probably a good thing as it will help deter some of the cravings. As per cravings… I haven’t really had those phases of needing to eat a certain food non-stop. I do go through a day where I am wanting to eat a certain thing like in that day but then once I eat it I am over it lol!


I was on the mommy forms from one of the apps and was reading that there was a test you could take early to find out the gender of the baby. I started doing some research on it and this test cal tell you the gender as early as nine weeks. Isn’t that just insane??!! Who needs to wait 19-20 weeks for an ultrasound when you can find out 10 weeks earlier.

Given the fact that I was feeling so unwell… I decided to take the test! It didn’t cost that much… I bought it on Amazon and took it at 10 weeks. The process was a little stressful but I managed to take the test with my friend’s help. They say to not have a male help you out as the lab tests for male DNA. Once the facility gets the sample they have the results within hours… Their email came in while on vacation in Europe; I couldn’t be happier. The baby reveal came and I couldn’t believe we are going to have a little mini me! I don’t have to repaint the pink walls in the house haha!


The Europe trip was all booked before finding out I was pregnant… and nothing was going to stop me! The trip wasn’t what I had planned… because of the nausea it was really hard to be out and about. Due to my food diversions I found it challenging to be able to eat… either the food was too greasy, deep-fried or just not sitting well with me. My energy levels were just so low that walking too much would drain me. For the most part I would say we took it easy… I did as much as my body would let me, without pushing myself too much. Not straining my body too much was important as I knew that my priority was growing the little beanie. I came to peace pretty quickly that it was okay not to see everything on my bucket list… and the moment I came to that realization I was just ok with doing the best I could and resting… LOTS!

It’s been hard to continue with the blog to be honest… it’s not me giving up but I just don’t have the energy. After coming home from work I am just too tired to even think. I do promise to try and keep posting as much as I can but right now my energy is shifting towards all things baby. Pretty normal I would say haha. I will make sure to take you along this new journey of mine… Through the good, the bad, and the messy! Yay to being a first time mom!




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    Congratulations! That is so exciting for you!!!

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