I love the fact that I am writing this post while in bed! Most of you probably don’t know this, but for the past several years I have had such horrible back pains… to the point I can’t sit or lay down because it hurts way too much… so much that I was constantly taking muscle relaxers to help me cope with the pain. I was living with the pain for years I just thought it was normal to always be in pain but since switching over to my Canadian-made Endy mattress my life has literally changed.

For those of you who don’t know, Endy is a Canadian company and they produce foam mattresses and pillows, they are ship directly to your home which is amazing! First you don’t have to worry about paying an overpriced mattress at a shop because they need to pay the rental location and staff, the fact that you can shop online means the middle man is cut and you benefit from the savings (winning!). Second there is no need to worry about transporting your mattress, as the Endy mattress comes to your place in a box for you all rolled up! Seriously such a life saver as I had to bring it up to our apartment. Third, there is a 100 night trial period – seriously this is so beyond amazing because you can truly test out the mattress and your sleeps and if you don’t love it you will get a full refund!

As our 100 day trial is coming to an end, I want to share how Endy has changed not only my life but my hubby’s as well. He and I have been getting better sleeps, I used to wake up a lot during the night tossing and turning because my back was always bothering me but now I find that I can fall asleep so much faster and don’t wake up as much during the night. It’s amazing what a better night sleep does to the body, I just wake up so rejuvenated and rested which is the most important thing of it all. I used to be not be able to just lay in bed when I woke up to watch tv or be on my phone because the pain would become unbearable and I would have to get up from the bed and do things because laying there would kill. I can now lay there and watch all my shows which has changed my life… the down part is that now the apartment is messier as I don’t keep busy and clean in the mornings hehe, something’s gotta give lol!

Hubs on the other hand was worried about the texture and firmness of the mattress because if it was too hard or soft his back would hurt and would be in the same scenario as me… tossing and turning all night long and it would actually keep Luna up! (poor baby) but surprisingly he stopped complaining about his back and we found that the mattress also helped him a lot. The Endy also has zero motion transfer which means I don’t feel a thing when hubs rolls around at night, or when Luna decides to jump into bed with us!

Now let’s talk about the pillow, this is absolutely the best invention EVER! They are customizable, so you get to choose your desired firmness by taking out handfuls of shredded bamboo memory foam. Through the years we have bought several pillows and never loved them… Either they are too big or too flat or way to soft it was a never-ending battle with them. I was so excited at the fact that I could have my pillow the way I wanted it, it did take a few nights to find the right amount of foam that I needed in my pillow to get it exactly how I wanted it but it was absolutely worth it.

Now that my 100 day trial period is over I am still in love with my mattress, and the fact that I’m sleeping again. I would recommend this mattress to anyone out there that have issues sleeping or is just in the hunt for a new mattress.

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Endy but all opinions are my own.





  1. Daniela Sanchez

    I have heard such great things about this mattress! The next time I am looking to buy a mattress, I will definitely look into ENDY.

    1. Daniela Sanchez

      It is truly so amazing!
      Totally worth every penny šŸ™‚

  2. Daniela Sanchez

    Iā€™m interested on this mattress, do they come in different levels of firmness?

    1. Daniela Sanchez

      They don’t, it only comes in one firm level but if you aren’t happy with it they will return your money. It has a 100 sleep trial šŸ™‚

  3. Daniela Sanchez

    I LOVE your dog šŸ¤—

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