It’s amazing how fast life changes and how well we just all adapt! It took me months and tons of research on products to find some of the best products out there for Kensi. I hope you find this baby essentials registry post helpful! It truly is overwhelming how many products and variations there are out there. This baby essentials registry has everything you need to welcome your little one home. Living in an apartment I needed to get items that were versatile and small!

The Baby Essentials Registry checklist. It has everything you need to prepare to welcome your baby home. Offers all your essentials plus must have items! #baby #equipment #newbaby #nursery #shopping #newmum #midwife

I won’t go into details regarding onesies and bibs as those are all given items that should be bought, but I will talk more on the unique, versatile, multi-purpose needs. Don’t worry… the checklist will have all of the basic baby things (excluding clothes). Ok, let’s get this baby essentials registry post started!

The Baby Essentials Registry checklist. It has everything you need to prepare to welcome your baby home. Offers all your essentials plus must have items! #baby #equipment #newbaby #nursery #shopping #newmum #midwife



Oh did this take a lot of time to search for! There are so many options out thereeeeeee! I actually went with the Bugaboo Fox. Besides the gorgeous design, style and safety factors, the winning aspect for me was that the frame that was used for the bassinet also transformed into the frame for the toddler seat. For me this was key as I didn’t want to have separate items for the bassinet and then for the seat. They don’t have their own buckets, but they do have accessories to adapt to some of the buckets out there (make sure your bucket is compatible with their accessories).


Another item for which there are way too many options out there for. After hours and hours of research the one item that stood out and had the best reviews was the Nuna Leaf. I must say this is by far my favourite design for a bouncer. It is not an eyesore and it doesn’t take a lot of space in your home (like most others). I love the movement that the bouncer makes because it goes side-to-side instead of back-and-forth. The baby is always in the same angle and it is just a slow rocking movement. As an added bonus I got the motor which constantly keeps the bouncer moving.


For me it was all about style, storage and safety. The Oribel Cocoon High Chair was the clear winner in my eyes! There are several factors that sets this highchair apart from the others. It offers 6 height adjustments and 3 reclining positions. I love the fact that it reclines as the baby can chill out while having its bottle and you can keep doing your things. Because it is plastic it is super easy to clean. It also is great for small spaces; its legs collapse so you can store it away.


I can’t believe that I didn’t think it was necessary to get a diaper pail. I don’t know how I would have taken every diaper (and there is so many of them!) and gone to the kitchen to throw it out. Diaper pails was another item that took a few months for me to pick… not only do you need to decide what material to go with but if you want bags, no bags, how does the door open. The options are endless! After countless hours of reading different reviews the one that stood out the most was the Dekor Plus Diaper Pail. Not only is it hands free and keeps the odder in the pail, you also stop wasting bags! This part for me was huge… doesn’t matter if I want to take out the diapers every day or every other day. The Dekor bags is a super long liner and you only use as much of the diaper pail liner as you need. No more pre-set bag length which means you waist what you need.


This was definitely an add-on item. I wanted to have a portable seat that we could take with us when we went out and about… or just to visit family. There are tons of options out there for portable seats but the one that I love is the Mini Monkey – Mini Chair. It is a harness that transforms any chair into a child seat. Super light, portable, compact, secure and minimalistic design which I love. It is so compact that you can actually put it in your diaper bag, and the best part… it is machine washable! A total winner for me!

The Baby Essential Registry checklist. It has everything you need to prepare to welcome your baby home. Offers all your essentials plus must have items! #baby #equipment #newbaby #nursery #shopping #newmum #midwife


Let’s start of by stating a fact… Baby Brezza is an AMAZING brand! We have used several items from the brand, and they are truly worth every penny!  I love that they don’t just offer bottles, they also have bottle warmers, steam sterilizers, formula makers and food makers. The bottles are super cute and have the cutest sayings on them! Did I mention that the Bottle Warmer is Bluetooth? yup! I love that I can set my bottle in the bottle warmer and when I am ready to go (usually when the little one starts waking up) I can start the machine through the app. Isn’t that genius!! The Sterilizer and Dryer are truly life changing! No more waiting around for hours to have dry bottles, the machine will sterilize and dry within the hour. The Formula Pro Advance is one of a kind, it will make the perfect bottle within seconds. I cannot rave about this brand enough!!


Keeping with all things feeding I couldn’t forget about my Haakaa. Even before I started searching for breast pumps, I kept seeing the Haakaa on all mommy forums. People are raving about this product and I couldn’t agree more. Once it has latched on it will draw milk out without any manual pumping. This is great to use while your breast feeding, and you can store the milk for later use. Seriously such a genius invention!


Fabric pieces will also become your new best friend! It is amazing how many swaddle blankets and burp clothes you will need. I tried not to get too many but sometimes that is hard. Especially when Copper Pearl has AMAZING designs!! One must-get item for me was the Grace Multi Use Cover. This is a 5-in-1 cover that transforms for all your needs. A car seat cover, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, a highchair cover, and an infinity scarf. Talk about a versatile product! Not only are the designs gorgeous, the texture of the fabric is one of my favourites. I honestly wish they made adult size pieces because the texture is that amazing.


Being a first-time mom comes with a lot of worries and anxiety! One baby monitor that I read amazing reviews and wanted myself was the Nanit Plus Camera alongside the Breathing Wear which was new to Canada. I am not a techie person… but the fact that the camera can monitor your babies breathing pattern through a swaddle or band is incredible. I love the fact that you don’t need to attach a sock or a clip to your baby as this is incorporated in the swaddle. The camera not only monitors the breathing but sleep patterns. The Nanit incorporates a few gadgets into one and as a new parent this is priceless to me! The camera has been amazing, I can watch Kensi sleep from my phone or tablet. There is also a feature where you can have the sound active on the background and be using your phone or have it nearby. By far the best baby monitoring system out there!

Well there we have it, those are just some of my favourite items so far! Aside from all our basic essentials.

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The Baby Essentials Registry checklist. It has everything you need to prepare to welcome your baby home. Offers all your essentials plus must have items! #baby #equipment #newbaby #nursery #shopping #newmum #midwife

Tell me, what are some of your must-have items that I should check out?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Some of these products were gifted to me but this post contains my honest thoughts and experiences . 




  1. Daniela Sanchez

    Thanks for creating this checklist. I have been looking for one that had the essentials.. some of the lists out there have way to much stuff and I live in a flat. Super helpful!!

  2. Daniela Sanchez

    Ok you sold me on the camera, stroller and the sterilizer and bottle warmer! I am hoping to breastfed but if that shouldn’t work out I will have the formula pro in my list 🙂

  3. Daniela Sanchez

    I have heard amazing things about Baby Brezza!

    1. Daniela Sanchez

      Such a good brand! I swear all their products are amazing.

  4. Daniela Sanchez

    Dream stroller!! great post

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    wow that camera looks amazing!! do you find the analytics are accurate?

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