Maria Daniela

My Lifestyle Memoir – that’s me, Daniela and welcome to my lifestyle blog!

I am a Calgary-based Instagrammer and blogger who loves all things pink.

I was living in London, England for just over two years where my passion for flowers, pretty houses and storefronts started. Exploring London really sparked my creativity. After returning to Calgary, I decided to continue this passion and started a blog where I get to share my life and my experiences abroad.

My Lifestyle Memoir is a lifestyle blog that features all aspects of my life from experiences, to style, to food, and of course travel. I hope that you find these moments as inspiring as I have.

Two fun facts about me:

1. I have dog named Luna who is my darling.

2. Tacos are life.

Can’t wait for you to follow along in this journey with me.


Maria Daniela